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PJ.OBA INDICA.                                  241\
sub-16, appeiidiculis brevibus cylindraceis, seminibus minutis.—DC.
Syst. i. 56; Led. Wl Ross. i. 83.
^. Kashwiriana; ovario pubescente v. villoso.—N. Cachemiriana,
Camless. in Jacq. Foy. Bat. 11, t. 10. N. Kosteletzkyi, Palliardi mss.
in Lekm. Hamb. Garten und Blumem. viii. 369. N. alba, twr/Koster
letzkyi, PlancJion, Etudes sur les Nymph. Awn. Sc. Nat. ser. 3. xix. 53.
HAB. Kashmir, alt. 5300 ped., IPwterfattoinJ—Var. ft. Kashmir,
Jacquemont.—(Fl. Apr. Mai.) (t?. t?.)
DISTRIB. Europ. tola! Sibiria! 'Am. Bor.l
Folia snborbiculata, coriacea, vix aut noil peltala, subtus tenuiter veuosa, integer-
riraa, lobis parallelis v. subdivergentibns. Sepala lineari- v. ovato-oblonga, retica-
latitia nervosa. Petttla sub-10, exteriora sepalis sequilonga, lineari-oblonga. Sta-
mina pcrplurima, filamentis subdilatatis. Stigmatis appendices suberecti. Pollen
cchinulatum. Seniina puncti3 minutis leviter striata.
Our specimens are certainly referable to the common white Water-lily of Europe.
Planchon remarks, under N. Cachemiriana, which he had not seen, that it is too
nearly allied to N. alba* of which we do not 'doubt that^t is a form, though the
plate in Jacquemout's' Voyage is in many points unlike that plant, the petals being
too narrow and acute, and the fruit different-looking. It is, however, impossible to
figura NylKjihacc from dried specimens. Cambessedes describes the fruit as lanate;
and we find, from a memorandum by Lehmann in, the Hookerian Herbarium, that
the ovary of N. Kosteletzkyi is villoos, Planchou has referred N, Kosteletskyi to
N. alia.
2. N. Lotus (L. Sp. PL 729) j foliis argute sinuato-dentalis, se-
palis obiongis obtusis 5~7-costatis, petalis lineari- v. ovato-oblongis,
tilamentis basi late dilatatis, antheris inappendiculatis, stiginatis appen-
dicibus OTlindraceo-clavatis.
o. Lotus; foliis subtus dense pubescentibus orbiculatis reniformi-
busve lobis divergeutibus approximatisve, floribus amplis rubris roseis
aibidisve.—N. Lotus, Delile, M. Mjypt. t. Ix. /, 1; DO. Syst. ii. 53. N.
rubra, lloxb. M. Ind, ii. 576; X>C, Sy&t. ii. 52; WigU et Arn. Prod.
i. 17 ; Wight. Ill i. 1.10 ; Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 503; Bot. Mag. t. 1280
et 1364; Wall Oat. 7255 ! N, Devonietisis, Hook. Bot. Mag. t. 4665.
N. edulis, DC. Sy*t. ii, 53; £oxl>. M. Ind. ii, 578; Wall Cat. 7254 !
Castalia magnifica, Sal Par. Lond. ^14. C. mystica, Jinn. Bot. ii. 73.
N. semisterilis, Lekmann, Ueber die Gattung Nymphaa, 28.
ft. cordjfolin; foliis subtus dense pubesceotibus eordato-ovatis lo-
bis divergentibusf^oribus mediocribus albis v. carneis.
y.jpufa$cens; foliis subtus puberuHs pubescentibusve, floribus mi-
noribus albis rpseis.rubrisve.—N. pubescens, WilU. &p* PI ii. 1154;
DC. Syat. ii. t>3, Prod, i, 115 ; Blum, Bijdr. i, 48; Wight et Am. Prod.
i. 17 et 447 ; Wall. Oat 7^56!5 Plancfwn, Ic. 35. N. sagittata, Edgew.
in Linn. Soc. Trans* xx. 29.
HAB. a et y« Per totem Indiana calidam vulgaris.—ft* Cbittagong 1
•—(PL per totum annum.) (». P.)
DISTEIB. Alrica borealis! et tropica! Hungaria I Java I IBS. PbTip.I
Folia 6-unc, a^l pedalia, juniora snbsagittata.   Floras 55-10 uac. lati.   PoUen>
beve.   Semna elHptico-rotnndata, papillosa v. aubscaberula,
Among the Indian varieties of HUB plant, we believe that we have seen specimens
2 X